SIP panels are structural insulating panels consisting of two OSB boards and a middle-glued polystyrene foam. It is a rigid material with excellent thermal insulation properties, which makes the houses built according to SIP technology more economical and require much lower costs throughout their lifetime . 

SIP panels can be used for floors, walls, ceilings and roofs for residential, commercial or individual buildings.

Structural insulating panels are manufactured at our factory, with a special technology, in which OS B panels and polystyrene foam are bonded with special polyurethane adhesives and pressed by a large press force of 15 to 20 tonnes. 

Characteristics of SIP panels. Many tests and tests have proved that high quality SIP boards ensure that the construction of any manufactured building will be durable and stable, which has a positive impact on its lifetime. One of the unique features is the small panel weight.

The 174 mm thick SIP board weighs about 19 kg per 1 m2 and, for example, a 1 m2 brick wall with a thickness of 25 cm weighs 300 to 476 kg. From this it can be concluded that the buildings made of SIP panel are much lighter than brick houses, therefore the houses built with SIP panels do not need the usual, powerful foundation. Their weight is small enough , but the density and hardness are high – so the house does not settle down and can be built on a low depth or pole foundation. This significantly reduces the cost of building a house and speeds up the process.

Houses from SIP boards can not only withstand any external effects, but also allow you to create any interior layout and design. The strength and durability of such houses in many ways exceeds other popular building materials. 


After extensive research and testing of polystyrene foam in roller roofing, it has been found that the material has remained stable for over 30 years and has met all standards of durability.

The study confirmed that the building built by SIP technology could last about 100 years and longer, so the construction of such houses was rapidly gaining popularity in the US, Canada and Japan, where the quality of the SIP panels was confirmed even by earthquakes. 

Advantages of SIP House: 

  • Economical
  • Organic
  • Quickly mounted
  • Durable
  • Resistant to environmental factors
  • Cosy and comfortable

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