SIP is a constructive thermal insulation plate manufactured at the factory and designed to operate under strict conditions. Polystyrene foam is a thermal insulating material with high performance - it does not wear out, retains its insulating properties throughout its lifetime, contains no harmful substances.

The foam pairs of the foam are closed, so it is not wind-blown, does not penetrate the pollutants and humidity, soaking on the humidity of the environment is minimal, so the insulation material cannot be the cause of mold.

OSB panels are resistant to fungus and insect damage as well as moisture-resistant, the surface of these panels displaces fluids and prevents them from getting in. Therefore, the wetted board swells only up to 10%, and when dried, it recovers its standard shape and does not lose its good qualities. All this ensures that the SIP board houses will last at least 100 - 150 years.

The houses built from this material are not afraid of wind and snow loads, ultraviolet flashing, mechanical effects. Experimentally proved that buildings withstand hurricanes, tsunamis, earthquakes and tornadoes

Quick construction

Even the most complex SIP house projects are becoming a reality in a few weeks, as the construction of SIP does not require any additional equipment (cranes, concrete mixers, towers, etc.).

SIP houses are manufactured in the factory and installed locally, so you can fully build the SIP house by pressing the key for 3-6 months. The walls of such a house are smooth without prior plastering, which ensures a quick and easy finish. S IP home construction is available at any time of the year.

The big advantage is the ease of installing the panels, so you can save money on skilled builders, because you can do the installation work yourself if you have the right tools and some technical knowledge.

Competitive SIP Home Prices

High design speed - SIP panel is a construction material that is fully ready for installation.SIP technology is considered to be one of the most cost-effective of your budget, which is of particular importance today. You can save money not only on the production of SIP boards, but also on foundation construction.

Saving your budget - the low weight SIP boards have a low pressure on the base, which makes it possible to use inexpensive piles or pile foundations. This solution reduces labour costs and reduces material consumption. In addition, the transportation of SIP boards is much cheaper than the delivery of standard materials .

Strength of construction - as mentioned above, SIP boards are highly resistant to both horizontal and lateral loads. There are cases in the US where only the houses of SIP shields remain in the village after the hurricanes.


Because thermal insulation panels are used in construction, the building does not require powerful heating equipment. As a result, utility bills and home heating costs are falling. The cost of heating a 100m2 A + SIP house costs 200-300eur per year.

Compared to standard materials, they retain heat much more efficiently and significantly reduce heating costs . Thus, a 174 mm thick panel gives the same effect as a 40 cm wood wall or a 2 m brick wall . In addition, the cost of SIP boards is available to every average buyer.


Not only are these houses comfortable, but also the most optimal for people suffering from asthma or allergies, they have no harmful effects on human health. Such buildings always have the optimum temperature to ensure a comfortable life and work.

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