Why Us?

SIP panel production is one of our main privileges. In comparison with other companies offering similar technology for construction of the sandwich panels – we have our own production line of SIP panels. The high price and quality ratio of our SIP products is achieved by using high-tech equipment and optimizing the production process.

Modern production equipment

For the production of SIP panels, we use modern equipment that meets international standards.


SIP is a constructive thermal insulation plate manufactured at the factory and designed to operate under strict conditions.

Competitive SIP Home Prices

SIP technology is considered to be one of the most cost-effective of your budget, which is of particular importance today.

Quick construction

SIP houses are manufactured in the factory and installed locally, so you can fully build the SIP house by pressing the key for 3-6 months.


Because thermal insulation panels are used in construction, the building does not require powerful heating equipment.


Not only are these houses comfortable, but also the most optimal for people suffering from asthma or allergies, they have no harmful effects on human health.


Project SIP 37

Project SIP 42

Project SIP 80-1

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